Items from previous campaign that still available

CrystalWave SetComprises
CrystalWave Dish 1L
CrystalWave Soup Mug 460 ml
Lunch Bag

RM 49.00
Free postage (parcel)
Add RM2 for Pos Ekspress

Perfect to bring food for meal in the office. Can be reheat using microwave oven(microvaweable set).


Home Basic Collection
ModularMates Set
FreezerMate Set
OT Topper Small
Gift Box

Free postage (parcel )
Add RM3 for Pos Ekspress

Installment payments
First month (RM65)
Second month (RM60)

Perfect as basic set . ModularMates and OT Topper to store dry item/food.  FreezerMate Set to store food that need to be freeze